(For finding folks with specific skill sets to work with) (Keep an eye on whats driving success for many startups and small businesses) (Search for user generated content on any topic or keyword)  (Back up your social media content and contacts offline)  (Dashboard when you can post to all social media outlets simultaneously)  (Monitor all posts online about your about your company, or anything else for that matter)  (Great resource of small business tips)  (Save larger videos, docs, or other files and easily share them with others online)

Tubemogul - (Syndicate your videos/get them out there)

Business Tookit TIps +Social media users represent an enormous market. Friends you add, bookmarks you add and every post you make on blogs increase your profile. + Actively use an online analytics tool for your website. (ex. google analytics, facebook insights, objective marketer...) This will help you to analyze and determine which marketing efforts are resulting in leads and from where. As well as which ones are not, and why. + YouTube reported that over 65% of all web traffic is video and that 30 billion viadeos are watched in the US every month. It is an amazing lead generation tool. +Put "how to" videos online, and make sure to include optimized keywords in the description, and to transcribe the video for closed captioning. This converts all the content of the video into search-able metadata. +Videos are becoming the fastest way for optimization. People feel the connection. is a great tool for selecting the best (high search volume, low competition) keywords. + Put keywords into your blog and social media posts- helps you attract media attention (short tail vs. long tail. +Go to LinkedIn and answer questions in the Q&A section for your industry. +Do "Top Tips”" posts for your industry) - very powerful media approach. These posts are by their nature full of great "long-tail-keywords". +Business vs. Personal post ratio - Ideally post ½ business, ½ personal. This helps establish brand identity, and to connect with your audience in a more personal way, while staying on topic.
Example: "Floating just above the Grand Canyon, sipping on fine black tea, working on site content for the Brainship's newest exciting client, STAY TUNED...". +Social media, more than any other vehicle, has the potential to spread a message far and fast. Return To Resources Area Return To Resources Area
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